Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Dad's Point of View: Bath-time

This is Brad's version of bath-time in our house. I was in class so I couldn't help, nor did I know what exactly what was going on behind that door....haha! Enjoy!!!

"Let me tell you a little story. 7:30 bath time. Jenny is in class and I am on my own. I declare war and round up my subjects. Georgia is crying " NOOOOO," I pick up Drew, who is just in a diaper and sticky from dinner. Logan runs off leaving trails of rice that are falling out of his diaper. I put drew down in the bathroom turn on shower, get Logan. Order Georgia out of her clothes and take off Logan's diaper. Now I need to stop here cause this is were I start to loose the fight. Have you ever taken off a diaper with out thinking about why the diaper is there in the first place? Yea....4lbs of poo in a 2lb diaper. I got Logan in one hand, and poo in the other, I'm looking for wipes and now Drew is playing in the toilet, I'm yelling at Drew with little effect, I find wipes, put Logan Down, now Georgia is stuck in her shirt and falling down crying. Close toilet lid, take off diaper #2.  Lessons learned 0. Now I got Drew in one hand, poo in the other. I'm coaching Georgia out of the death trap she has made of her shirt, all I can see of her is her chin and two elbows, now Logan has peed on the floor and the scale, With Drew clean, I wipe up the pee and throw the scale in the sink. I get Georgia, then Drew, and then Logan into the shower. No sooner I start taking off my socks Georgia has pumped her hands full of shampoo and is wiping her brothers heads, faces, and eye balls with soap. I now have two screaming, naked, slippery midgets trying to get out of the shower. At this point I know I lost, I am doing anything and everything I can to gain control." 

So funny!!!! I included a picture of Brad's "subjects" aka-- our children :-)

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  1. AhahaHAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAHAHA!!!!!!!! I am crying laughing right now!!! And they think what we do is easy ;-) Great story Brad!!