Thursday, June 7, 2012

"Pirate Day"...... or not.....

As I am on my way home from Publix (probably at 3:30), I get a call from Brad telling me that it was NOT "Dress Like a Pirate Day" at school today and that when he dropped the kids off at school, Georgia was the ONLY kid dressed like a pirate! So I ask, "Well did you take her home and change her clothes." Brad's response: Uhh, no. My Response: UUUHHHH NOOOO???? OMG!!!

I was going to take my groceries home before picking up my herd, but I had to change my plans to save any further embarrassment on ourselves (as parents that OBVIOUSLY don't read the notes that get sent home by the teachers) and our poor daughter --- who looked like a freaking pirate all day long! Haha!!! Just another day of parenting in the world of 3 under 3!!! A big thanks to G's teacher--who put normal clothes on her after Brad left :o)

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