Monday, July 30, 2012

Shaklee Independent Distributor

My Shaklee Story

Myers Family
Welcome to the Shaklee family. Brad and I are both excited to see you taking the steps to a healthier life. We joined Shaklee for a few reasons. The main reason had to do with my health. I was diagnosed with cancer and after my surgery and treatment I became very fatigued. I started looking into supplements that I could take to make me feel better while I was going through treatment. Shaklee products were the only ones that I found to be all natural and free of artificial colors and sweeteners.
The second reason we chose Shaklee has to do with our children’s health. Brad and I both work full time, so our kids spend many hours at daycare. While our kids are at daycare, they are sharing a building with about 80 other children and staff.  With our kids being exposed to the germs of 80 other children and their families, they were sick a lot which is not good for someone trying to recover from cancer. Now that we have been on the products for a while, our kids rarely get sick.
The last reason that we choose Shaklee, over other competitors, has to do with the quality of their products. Now that I have been sick with cancer, I really look at my body differently than I did before. I do not want artificial sweeteners or colors added to my supplements. Shaklee does not use any artificial ingredients, which makes digestion and absorption easier for your body.
The bottom line is that Shaklee really sells itself. If you are looking to be convinced that a better you is out there, then start here with us. Buy Shaklee and Live Well!

Happy Shopping,

Jenny & Brad Myers

Shaklee Independent Distributor