Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Well up until about a month ago, Brad and I were anti vaccines. What changed??? Well I met a mom who told me that her daughter got meningitis so bad that she is permanently severely disabled and just today learned of a boy who is suspected to have whooping cough. Both of these kids are right here in our town. So, am I officially scared into believing that vaccines are what is best----uh, YEAH!!!! Do I still question this whole vaccine thing---how could I not???!!!! I have been reading about vaccines and which ones are recommended and which ones are required for about 2 months now. For one, there are many more vaccines that the CDC recommends than are required for entry into a Florida school. You can find a complete list of required ones at the Florida Department of Health website. The CDC website has the recommended vaccines with a proposed schedule. The ones that are required for entry into a Florida school are: Diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis vaccine; Polio vaccine; Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccine; Hepatitis B vaccine; and Varicella vaccine. My kids have not had any shots yet, but they will be getting them in the near future. I am not exactly thrilled about this, and neither is Brad. The things we considered are: where we live, the fact that our kids go to daycare, and the fact that I work at a high school with a student population of about 1,800. These things influenced the way we looked at this topic for sure. NOW, if I were a stay at home mom and my kids were with me all the time and I was going to home school my kids, I would probably stand firm behind the anti-vaccination mentality that I so strongly support. But reality is, I work, Brad works, the kids have to go to school. I can't afford to quite my job, nor do I want to---I LOVE working in the schools, I just don't want to bring something home to my kids that could have been prevented entirely by something as simple as a vaccine.

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  1. That's where we are. Vaccines do scare me a bit(seems like so many!)...however, the idea of my little guy getting some horrible illness from daycare or wherever, that could've been well the reason we vaccinate. Good luck in your journey.